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Road safety

Broderick Gillawarna School welcomes safe road users.

The school is bounded by Victoria Street on the eastern side and Albert Street on the western side.

The traffic environment near the school is designated as a school zone and carries a speed limit of 40km per hour during peak times (8am - 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm).

The regulatory speed limit at the school crossing is 25km per hour.

Buses are a major form of transport for children before and after school. Please take extra care when driving near buses as they tend to reduce visibility and make roads potentially hazardous.

There are a number of no stopping zones outside the school - these are generally adjacent to bus zones. Please remember that a no stopping zone indicates that a vehicle must not stop at all - not even for a moment.

Please support the school and local community by parking only in areas that are designated as parking zones.

There are several areas around the school that have been set aside for half hour parking at peak school times. 

Always keep a lookout for cyclists and pedestrians. Increased traffic flow around school premises can be very dangerous for children on foot and those riding bicycles and scooters. 

Avoid illegal practices such as double parking and blocking driveways. Penalties for traffic infringements are generally much more severe if they occur in a school zone.

Above all, do not stop on or close to a school crossing.

With the consideration and support of the local driving community, the school roadways  will always be a safe and secure environment for students, parents and the local citizens.

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