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About our school

Our school is located in Revesby, in South Western Sydney.

The student population draws from a wide area south of the harbour. Most students travel to school by special transport provided by the government. Our school caters for students aged 4 years to 18 years with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, Autism and physical disabilities.

Broderick Gillawarna School works collaboratively within the school community to provide a comprehensive individualised education to teach students academic, communication, mobility, living skills, leisure and vocational skills.  The programs are designed to enable students to reach their potential and lead a fulfilling life as a member of the community.

Unique features of this school include:

  • Personalised learning plans - decided upon at a team meeting involving input from teachers, parents and the school counsellor.
  • A community-based learning approach - enables regular local and wider community access to enhance students' life skills.
  • Key learning areas - adapted and modified to meet the learning needs of all students.

The Australian sports commission initiative, active after school communities (AASC), presented our school with the regional supersite award for outstanding excellence in modified physical education activities for 2010.

Innovaitve programs include: Inter-school bowling tournaments, community-based cycling and the young men's Christian association (YYMCA) gymnastics. This award recognised our best practice in designing programs that are tailored to meet the individual needs and abilities of our students.